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Combine Private Lessons
with Our Lesson Membership
For Maximum Results!


We started this system of combining private lessons with our unlimited workshop (group) lessons years ago and it's still going strong. 

Start with a private lesson, and in that lesson, you are assigned drills to perform for improvement.  Before you attend another private lesson, take as many workshop (group) lessons as you like for two reasons. 

One, to perform your assigned drills in our presence without using up another costly private lesson. Make sure you're on track and ready for your next private lesson.

Second, we cover topics not normally covered in a private lesson like playing in the wind, side-hill lies, trouble shots, webinars with leaders in the industry.  All the important information you need to receive a well rounded golfing education.


Part 1 of the Combo - Private Lessons with Video Analysis

Our golf lessons are great for any level golfer.  Get a 45 golf-lesson-video-analysisminute lesson with the best video capture software and specialized drills attached to your video for improvement.  Once you purchase, we will get a gift certificate to you quick!

For more details on our super private golf lessons with high tech video go here.  



Part 2 of the Combo - UNLIMITED Lessons Membership

This golf lesson membership is great for any level golfer that wants to cover a full menu of topics in a cost effective manner.  There is so much to improve besides just your golf swing.  This program, taken together with private lessons makes for a more complete overall improvement of your golf game. 

We hold workshop (small group) lessons on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and you may attend as many lessons as you like, UNLIMITED!  Here's some of the topics we cover....

Monitored practice - We circle around the group with our I-Pad

Sand Bunkers



Trouble shots

Side Hill Lies

Launch monitor analysis - We're able to compare your distance stats

Course strategy

Webinars with leaders in the golf industry
An in dependant analysis on golf equipment and so much more.

Can't always get to a workshop lesson or you live too far a digroup-lessons-richmond-vastance away?  No problem! We have the ultimate in high tech!  UNLIMITED golf lessons online. The complete online educational experience so popular in today's Universities. Membership good for a full year. E-mail us videos of your swing and we do a complete analysis and attach the right drills for your golf swing.  We have members from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and others. 

A full year of UNLIMITED workshop lessons and/or UNLIMITED online video analysis is only $179 a year, (regular $228 save $49)

For more details on our super Unlimited Lessons Membership go here.  



How About Our Combo Deal!  BEST DISCOUNT!

This is our BEST and most effective program. 
Combine the three (3) Private Lessons
with the Unlimited Workshop Lessons for support. 

Get three Private Lessons, (regular $237 now $169) and...
the Unlimited Lesson Plan, (regular $228 now $179)...

for a combined price of only $279. 

That's an additional $39 off the already discounted price.


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» MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!  “The Single Most Powerful Golf Golf Lesson Money Back Guarantee LogoLesson You’ll Ever Experience”, is 100% guaranteed: if, at the end of the golf lesson, you’re not amazed at everything you discovered, aren’t clear on ways you can improve your golf swing virtually overnight, and do not want to take your personal video home with you, you can instantly have a full refund of your golf lesson fee –no quibbling, no hassles, no hard feelings.





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