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In just doesn't make sense to buy a golf club as a Christmas gift when it probably won't fit the golf properly, thereby defeating the purpose.  Why not get a fitting lesson or a gift certificate for a specific amount and your golfing loved one can choose what best suits their golf game for the desires results!  To purchase either just go to the bottom of the page!

In fitting golf clubs one must ask, "what am I fittingcallaway-custom-fit-golf-clubs-richmond-va?"  Am I fitting for my height, swing speed, ball flight?  Fact is, your golf clubs need to reward you when you make your BEST swing motion.  Yes, your golf clubs can help you swing better, if fitted properly.


What makes our fitting session better than the rest is the fact that we first analyze your golf swing.  Why fit the wrong swing?  Maybe a minor adjustment of your golf swing is in order before completing the club fitting.

Again, lets make sure you purchase the golf club configuration that "rewards you" when you make your BEST motion.  Our teaching skills allow you to take advantage of our expertise in making the right choice.

Another very important consideration.  We are NOT in the golf clubs business.  We're in the "get you to play better golf business" so I take into consideration your entire swing and swing potential in a fitting lesson.  Buying your golf clubs from someone who is strictly in the golf club business might be pressured to sell you the golf clubs they have in stock in order to make a profit.

golf-launch-monitorToday's technology allows us to dial in the exact golf club configuration that offers you the best performance.  We can measure club head speed, ball speed, ball rotation or spin, landing distance and more.

We will give you a non bias honest and accurate appraisal in your golf club fitting lesson.  We do NOT need to sell you golf clubs to stay in business.  We sell golf clubs as a total package of golf game improvement.  The golf club is nothing more than a tool.

golf-launch-monitorYou also need to "see" the improved results with live ball flight outdoors before making a purchase.  That's why being properly fitted for golf clubs is so valuable and in our case does not cost you any more than if you bought a set of golf clubs off a golf warehouse site on line.


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"Seven Things You Should Ask Before Buying Golf Clubs"

"Are Your Golf Clubs Your Ally, Or Your Worst Enemy?"

Listen to my interview with Callaway Rep R D Dintaman.


The cost of a full fitting session is only $49 which can be applied to any purchase you make.  You get the stats from the fitting session and the video of your swing to boot!

Used Golf Clubs Re-Shaft or Re-Build Your Golf Clubs - Rebuilding your existing set is an excellent choice.  We can make your existing set fit you properly for shaft flex, length, weight and grip size.  In some cases we can send your favorite set of club heads off to be completely restored so your entire set will look and feel like new for a lot less than the cost of a new set. 





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