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I'm Bobby Lopez, PGA Golf Professional and former European Touring Pro offering Richmond Virginia's First and Best Golf Lessons with high tech video analysis.  The ONLY golf lesson program in Richmond that offers a Money Back Guarantee!


“The Single Most Powerful Golf Lesson You’ll Ever Experience,” is 100% guaranteed: if you’re not amazed at everything you discovered, aren’t clear on ways you can improve your golf swing virtually overnight, you can instantly have a full refund of your golf lesson fee –no quibbling, no hassles, no hard feelings.




See Sample Golf Lessons On Line from other golfers just like yourself.  How do you know how effective our teaching method is?  Take a look at our testimonials

Our Golf Lesson Teaching Philosophy

What’s different about our golf lessons is our golf teaching philosophy which will help YOU improve YOUR golf swing and over all golf game.  Watch our sample video of the proven effective golf lesson teaching philosophy.

Stop trying every new golf swing theory in this month’s golf magazine, on the golf channel and don’t copy other swings or tour players either!  For heaven’s sake don’t listen to your golfing buddies!  Not to say that some swing methods or theories haven’t worked for different golfers at different times. 

Let’s face it, not even the pros can hang on to their best ball striking ability throughout their career.  I consider this fact as part of the fun of the game.  How boring would it be if only one player kept winning week after week!

We use exclusively the V1 video capture system at our golf academy school to analyze your golf swing.  Watch what Tiger has to say about our V1 video capture system and how it will improve your golf game.


Watch a video of Butch Harmon describing his golf teaching philosophy which is very similar to ours.  We’re NOT copying Butch or anyone else.  It’s just how it goes!

Finally, sensible golf lessons instruction for amateur and professional golfers that is effective and truthful!  More importantly, our golf lessons are personalized to YOUR needs and abilities.  No two golf swings are exactly alike is our golf teaching philosophy.  Some have similarities, but never exactly alike.  With that in mind, why would you want to learn a one size fits all swing method?   Also, we always stand behind our Money Back Guarantee!


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